Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions and we have compiled these answers based on what the community asked us. For any unanswered questions, you can find a member of our team online on Discord, please be sure to only talk to members highlighted as red and in Administrators group to avoid getting scammed.

Please be advised that we don't provide support via Teamviewer or ask for any coins, any private keys via private messages.
Providing remote access to your PC, VPS, private keys means you may lose your coins.

Medic Coin Masternode Hosting Platform

Medic Coin Masternode Hosting Platform aims to provide cryptocurrency investors with an easy way of creating and deploying their own masternode(s) - regardless of their technical abilities. Medic Coin masternodes and masternodes of other blockchains will be deployable in a couple of clicks or less. Our ultimate goal is to democratise the way masternodes are created and, as an effect, prove crypto is here to stay - by making it more user-friendly than paper money.
$0.99/masternode/month or $0.033/masternode/day for first 30 days for every masternode coin, the price will be adjusted to normal price after 30 days of the deployment date of first masternode of a corresponding coin.

FOR EXAMPLE: You already have 9 masternodes on our platform, and:
Your 10th masternode (but 1st MEDIC masternode) deployed on Jul 1st
==> special price: 30 days from Jul 1st to end of Jul 30th.
Your 14th masternode (but 2nd MEDIC masternode) deployed on Jul 5th
==> special price: 26 days from Jul 5th to end of Jul 30th as same as the 1st MEDIC masternode.

Then you invest into CXX masternode:
Your 15th masternode (but 1st CXX masternode) deployed on Aug 10th
==> special price: 30 days from Aug 10th to end of Sep 08th.
Your 19th masternode (but 2nd CXX masternode) deployed on Aug 20th
==> special price: 20 days from Aug 20th to end of Sep 08th as same as the 1st CXX masternode.

So the faster and the more you deploy new masternodes, the more you get the special price.
The Medic Coin Masternode Hosting Platform is a web application that allows you to create hot-cold wallet masternodes for Medic Coin and other masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, terminals or Linux within a few clicks.
The use of the platform is very user-friendly based, the platform does all the hard work for you. With the use of the platform technical knowledge is not a necessity, all you need is the collateral for the masternode you want to configure. The system automatically configures your masternode in a few steps with only basic information which you will be asked for during the setup. Besides configuring and running a masternode the platform also includes unique features to keep track of your masternode investment.
The platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for you in the background. At certain points you are asked for input that links your wallet to the masternode server.
The hosting price on the platform is very competitive price at
Each masternode is launched on a random server in a random datacenter of our hosting providers. The platform is hosting provider agnostic, meaning it can quickly adapt to host masternodes with all of our hosting providers.
Your coins never touch Medic Coin platform, that's what a cold wallet setup means. Your coins stay in your wallet and you only "prove" they are yours, with info we guide you step by step on obtaining from your wallet.
The worst case scenario is someone gains access to your masternode server, but since no coins are there you are fully protected.
In the case of a technical incident at our hosting provider level, that gets your server rebooted or unavailable for a while, your server goes back to normal after the server starts again.
The server gets destroyed. However, we will allow for the respawn of the same server, although the same IP address is not guaranteed to be available
No, currently not, we will add this feature very soon. But currently, we have a tool so you can check your masternode status via web interface. Enhanced monitoring is planned for the near future
MEDIC is traded on CryptoBridge, a decentralized exchange that supports trading of most popular altcoins.
You will need to have a minimum amount of balance in order to cover your all running masternodes. When your account is running low on balance you will receive a warning notification. If you have zero balance on your account your masternode will be stoped and it will be removed after 24h.
If your masternode has stopped running you will be notified. You can easily check the status of your masternodes on the "Masternodes" page. The status of the masternode should be "running". If not the masternode is not running properly, you can use Diagnose tool to find out the problem. If the problem persists, our support team will help you.
Visit "Deposit" page to get deposit Medic address. In this page, you can see suggestion minimum coins for 1 day.
Currently we are not support this feature. If you want to withdraw, please contact support team.
Current we do not support this feature. But you can check the statistics of your masternode by view collateral address (or reward address) on explore of coin.
Yes. You can contact with us.
Yes. We have 2 status types: * Hosting Status: status of masternode hosting that you can manage (Delete, Start, Stop, Restart). * Masternode Status: status of your masternode on the blockchain. You can check the status of your masternodes on the "Masternodes" => View masternode detail page.
It's automatically. However, we only support low balance notififications. We will send email to you when your balance is lowest.
We have configuration instructions for your each masternode so you can do it easily.
In this "Masternodes" page, it list all your masternodes. Type "running" in search input text to list masternodes are running. Type coin name, coin symbol / ticker to list a specific masternode.